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SFL Polo Offer

Posted: August 28, 2011 in General

SFL Polo Offer.






City vs SFL Flag Game.


City vs S.F.L. Flag Football Game

August 20th * 5:00pm

Lunn Road Fields

The Rumble for Respect

Come cheer on our SFL Coaches as they take on the Strongsville City Workers in a game of Flag Football.  The Coaches look to avenge last years lost to the City at the Lunn Road Football Field.  Hopefully you will come out and support both teams in this Friendly Game!  We encourage all the S.F.L. players and cheerleaders to attend with their families. Boys please wear your GREEN game jerseys and girls your Cheer uniforms to show support.  There will be a cookout after the game which we would like you to also attend.  If you plan on eating, PLEASE bring a side dish to share.

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Join the Strongsville Football League @ Browns vs Seahawks – October 23rd – Browns Stadium. Tickets are $30 ($35 value). Follow the link for more information.

SFL Overtime Classic

Football Tournament

August 19th – 21st

                                    SFL Fields

                                   Info Flyer and Registration

Waiting until an injury to occur during athletic competition is not exactly the best time to be fumbling for or looking for first aid items. Being able to treat an athlete immediately is one of the greatest opportunities to ensure a healthy outcome from injury. Having a fully stocked first aid kit will help youth football coaches safely treat these injuries and return an athlete to the playing field.

Necessary items to be stored in a first aid kit on the sidelines should include wound care items that are easily visible and accessible to coaches and all other support staff. Hopefully first aid kits do not see much action throughout the season, but if a situation ever arises where it is needed, being prepared will really come in handy.

Ideally, a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) would be on-site as well and can provide the following items.

First aid kit materials to have on the sidelines:

*Antibiotic ointment packs
*Antiseptic cleansing wipes (prefer no sting)
*Hydrocortisone pack
*Hand sanitizer packs
*Assortment of bandages (if available – knuckle, finger, round, square, big)
*Alcohol pads
*3″x 3″ gauze pads
*4″x 4″ gauze pads
*Sterile gauze pads (variety of sizes)
*Tongue depressor
*Cotton-tip applicator
*Peroxide (best put in a squeeze bottle, can be used to take blood off a uniform)
*Biohazard bag
*Latex-free gloves
*2″ stretch tape (1-2 rolls)
*1.5″ white tape (1-2 rolls)

If there is no athletic trainer available, include the following additional items:

*CPR one-way valve mask shield
*Triangular sling
*Medicine – Tylenol or Advil (need parental consent if administering to minor) and Benadryl

2011 Strongsville Football League Registrations are now being accepted online @

Nutrition workshop offers 10 good habits for young athletes

By Rett Larson Mon, 10/25/2010 – 12:10pm

Rett Larson is the director of coaching atVelocity Sports Performance and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Larson also serves as USA Football’s expert in sports performance training.

Brandon McGill of the Redondo Beach (Calif.) Velocity Sports Performance facility recently led an hour-long presentation focusing on how eating habits can help athletes get the most out of their workouts and competitions.

He stressed that his proposal isn’t a diet, because that word implies that it isn’t long term. McGill preached the eating lifestyle of great athletes and how forming good habits early can help fuel the superstars of tomorrow.

Habit No. 1: Eat every three hours

If all you eat is breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are setting yourself up for energy spikes and lulls throughout the day as your body first reacts to sugar influx, then waits for the next huge dose. By simply adding a more substantial pre- and post-workout meal, you’re on your way to eating more often.

Habit No. 2: Eat complete meals

All you need are the three basics — carbohydrates, protein and fat — but you need them at every meal because they work together to give athletes energy. Plus, you’ll be fuller and more satiated eating that way.

Habit No. 3: Have a good breakfast

Breakfast can raise your metabolism for the whole day — so steer clear of the sugar that you will find in most breakfast drinks, such as orange juice and grande Mocha Frappuccinos.

Habit No. 4: Eat veggies with every meal

There’s no need to take a multi-vitamin if you can adopt this one. Vegetables should be your primary source of carbohydrates since they release sugar and energy slowly. McGill said that it’s almost impossible to overeat vegetables, so saddle-up to that side of the buffet and have at it.

Habit No. 5: Don’t drink calories

When McGill consults with pro athletes who primarily need to lose weight, the first thing he tells them to do is stop drinking soda, juice, energy drinks and creamy coffees. Free refills may seem like a good idea for those trying to pinch pennies, but it’s too easy to pack on liquid calories if you don’t monitor your intake.

Habit No. 6: Eat protein at every meal

Protein is the key to repairing muscle, but make sure you pick the right ones. As a general rule, the fewer legs the animal has — fish as opposed to chicken as opposed to pork or beef — the better. Eat at least one serving with every meal.

Habit: No. 7: Eat fats that give back

Athletes need about 20 percent to 70 percent of their calories to come from healthy fats, because they actually can decrease your body fat and boost your immunity. Good fats come from olive oil, avocado and flax seed to name a few.

Habit No. 8: Have a plan

Most eating strategies are derailed because athletes don’t plan their meals ahead of time. If you make your own food you’ll know exactly what goes into it and how much you can have. Having healthy snacks such as nuts, jerky or fruit on-hand can go a long way to keeping your body lean.

Habit No. 9: Select your carbs with care

Carbohydrates are a common pitfall for athletes. If you want to have more muscle, carbs are OK, but if you want to lose fat, limit them. Most people don’t realize that it’s the bread on your hamburger or sandwich that is hurting your energy levels more than what is inside.

Habit No. 10: Stick to 90 percent

When changing your eating strategy, don’t try to change everything at once, because you’ll get overwhelmed and fail. Stick to your healthy habits 90 percent of the time and give yourself the occasional treat that will keep you consistent for the long term.


Hello everyone,  we just wanted to let all the families that the new website is up and running. Online registrations for the 2011 season will by active within 2 weeks.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments on this site or you can post them through the website in the feedback section. 

Look forward to seeing you all on the football fields this fall.

The Strongsville Football League.

The Strongsville Football League will be hosting the Flag and JV Championship Games this weekend, November 6th, 2010.

Please join us at Pat Catan Stadium for the games.

1:00  –  Flag:  Thunder vs Prestige

2:30  –  JV:  Mustang Power vs Tri-City Fighting Irish

Please come show these young men your support!!


Go Mustangs!!